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What Our Clients Say About Us

Lorain/Elyria Law Firm Serving The Entire Greater Cleveland and Sandusky Area

Ben Barrett did an awesome job. Easy to get in touch with and very professional.

Dale S., Vermilion, Ohio

Everyone was wonderful and took care of myself and my son.  Your service exceeded our expectations.  Thank you!

Angelique M., Lorain, Ohio

They were wonderful, I would have never made it without them. Everytime I called they were there to answer my questions and politely. I would recommend them highly.

Ed and Diane S. of Amherst, Ohio

My mother, my sister, and I want to thank you for representing Mom in her case. We appreciate your diligent efforts on her behalf. Negotiating the Medicare Reimbursement Liability was especially helpful...

Neal N.

Thank you for the quality of service and resolution.

Kristine W

I work for a law firm so I understand the meaning of "time is money".  Paralegal Brad Clark handled much of my case in the beginning saving me substantial amounts of money. I appreciated not having to deal with hospital bills or constant calls from insurance companies while I was trying to get my life back on track. I absolutely trusted Attorney Miraldi's years of experience and in the end, I was more than satisfied with the outcome of my case.


Kris C.

This was the first time in my 59 years of life that I have ever had any dealings with a lawyer.  At first I was very unsure of whether this was the right thing to do even. After meeting with David Miraldi I was very much at ease with my decision. I was told right in the beginning it would not be a quick process and the outcome may not be in my favor which was greatly appreciated.  All of my dealings with David Miraldi and Brad Clark were very upfront. After much work by both of them my outcome was in my favor.

Donna Y

Frankie Supers Testimonial

Frankie S.

The team at Miraldi & Barrett was extremely helpful during my case. I had been dealing with an insurance company that was taking too long to resolve my claim. They quickly helped me get closure with them, and get me the settlement I thought I deserved. Everyone at the firm was helpful, kind, and straightforward with me from day one. It is a big relief now that my case is resolved! I would highly recommend Miraldi & Barrett to anyone! Thank you!  Lauren B. - Lorain, OH

I was attacked by a dog which severely injured my right thumb and tendon going up my arm. Every day was filled with pain and worry about the medical expenses and the nest surgery that may be necessary. Two months after my injury, my medical insurance denied paying my bills since a third party (dog owner) was responsible. At this point, I needed an expert to consult with. A friend of mine recommended Miraldi and Barrett Attorneys. After two months of frustration, I finally felt a feeling of safety and relief that someone was there to help me. From the first meeting with David Miraldi and Brad Clark, all the way to my settlement day, I was treated with utmost respect and compassion. There was never a time that I felt that my case was forgotten or not as important as others. They communicated with me at each crossroad so that I knew what was happening next. I highly recommend Miraldi & Barrett Attorneys whose expertise, compassion, and years of experience will do the very best to handle your claim.

Linda B. of Avon Lake, Ohio

"The team totally surprised me with the outcome of my case. I couldn't be happier with the end result. I hope to never see them again but if I ever need to I'll do it with confidence.  Thanks"

Gregory B. - Lorain, Ohio

Eschen Testimonial

Laura R. of Wakeman, Ohio

Bateman Testimonial


Peter & Betty B. of Vermilion, Ohio

We can't think of any way to improve your service since we were treated very well by all.  Thanks again.


Bob and Carolyn S. of Lorain, Ohio

Oh my goodness!  It is finally over!  You guys have done a great job!  I don't think there could have been anything else that could have made this harder for you to do.  I know we couldn't have done this without you.  Is there anything Mark needs to sign to end the case?  I am just in tears to know that it is over.  Thanks again!

Kim and Mark of Wellington, Ohio

I felt very comfortable with David and Brad.  They always took time to talk to me on the phone and answer all my concerns.

Karen B. of Fairview Park, Ohio

I appreciate Mr. Barrett's honesty and fairness, and I am thrilled with the outcome.  I would highly recommend the firm!

Thank you again, Mr. Barrett

Lori G. of Huron County, Ohio

Everything worked out fine.  Thanks for everything.

Mehgan & Michelle of Grafton, Ohio

Service is outstanding and I am thankful to have your team on my side!

Anthony C. - Amherst, Ohio

Thank you for all of your kind support through this tough time for Jozef and I.  We truly appreciate all the dedicated time you put in to help find a resolution for our case.

Everyone at your firm was very kind, friendly, and supportive.  Thank you for going above and beyond and not giving up to find us peace of mind.  You are truly gifted as an attorney and a very special person.

Josef and Rebecca J. of Amherst, Ohio

I was very impressed with the high standards you held though my case. I was also very appreciative and proud of the fact that you stuck to your morals and ethics in representing me in the courtroom. Not only were you impressively well-organized and educated with my case, your delivery in front of the jurors was First Class!! I am proud to say that I had you to represent me.

Thank you again.

Lynne C. of Wakeman, Ohio

Anyone I had contact with at your firm was very helpful in getting me through what ended up being a pretty trying year for me,  Thank you again Brad and David!

Marilyn L. of Elyria, Ohio

I truly appreciate the help I received throughout this difficult time in my life.

David T. of North Olmsted, Ohio

How can you improve on perfection, don't even try.  We felt as though we were dealing with long time friends.  We trusted you and your came through for us, what more could we ask.  Thank you again and may the Lord bless you mightily.

Dorothy and Joel S. of Lorain, Ohio

I think the way my case was handled was perfect. I would like to thank you for your assistance.

Joseph C. of Medina, Ohio

"Over all I thought the services that you guys provide are excellent.  I am very pleased to have dealt with you.  Thank you."

Rino S. of Lorain, Ohio

"Keep things the same. You were the best firm I have been to."
George P. of Lorain

Thank you for all of the time you put in for me. With all that has happened over the past two years you have always been there for me.

Mary L. of Tucson, Arizona

"My husband and I were very satisfied with your firm and will recommend it to others." 
Doreen C. of Elyria

You handled my claim very good and I am well satisfied with the dollar amount.

James H. of Lousiville, Kentucky

"Very efficient and honest, up front."

Paul B. of Burton, Ohio

"I feel that you did everything that you could.  I thank you very much."
Linda K. of Grafton

I was very pleased with the letters and phone calls I did not expect that.  Thank you for doing a great job!

Shannon S. of Sheffield Lake, Ohio

"We feel you did a very good job and that there is no room for improvement.  Thank you all so very much."
Brandy and Matthew P. of Elyria

...I feel as though I was not just a case number and payday pending.  Thank you for all your courteous and timely responses to my questions and concerns.  I wish you continued success at your firm which is surely one of the best in integrity and dedication to your clients...

Georgia M. of Lorain, Ohio

I found David Miraldi to be very sincere and so helpful and understanding when I did not want to sue. He is a good man.

Beatrice S. of Amherst, Ohio

Very professional and courteous service. Will recommend to friends if the occasion arises.

Kenneth G. of Milan, Ohio

Everyone was absolutely great.  While we were waiting, I received phone calls just checking in on me.  I appreciate everything the staff has done to help.  I mention 'Miraldi' to anyone I think needs an attorney.  Once again thank you and my sweatshirt will be worn proudly!

Michelle N. of Lorain, Ohio

It was very satisfactory and there is not need for improvement.  You kept me informed about everything.

Marcella C. of Lorain, Ohio

I feel there is no need for improvement, I was pleased how my case was handled. I want to thank Brad and David very much for services rendered.  Thank you again.

Gloria L. of Elyria

I was so happy with the way that your office kept me informed with the suit.

John M. of Sheffield Lake, Ohio

Thank you for your help and hard work!

Craig H. of Vermilion, Ohio

I am extremely pleased with the manner in which my case was handled and the outcome of the case.

Vincent V. of Lorain, Ohio

"The people were very nice and service was excellent, couldn't ask for any other law firm, don't change anything."
Alexandria G. of Lorain

"All exceptional. Will highly recommend Miraldi and Barrett. Everyone is personable, pleasant and knowledgable." 
Mary Jane P. of North Ridgeville

"We can not think of any way our case could have been handled by you better than it was. We were very pleased with the outcome. Thank you very much."
Bob and Vicki L.

"I have never gone through a lawsuit like this. I was pleased with the advice, services and continued contact with my family through the process. Thank you again for your services."
Carolyn K.

"...your patience, kindness, and through explanations are of great help. Thank you!"
Evelyn N. of Elyria

"...your patience, kindness, and through explanations are of great help. Thank you!"
Evelyn N. of Elyria

"Were very great to work with and I was very satisfied with the outcome result. Thank you."
Catherine G. of Elyria

"Thank you for your hard work and dedication on my behalf."
Lea B. of Avon

I was very pleased with the service I received never having gone through an accident claim before. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone who would need them as they were highly recommended to us."
Beverly S.

"No need to improve! Thank you very much!"
Samuel and Sharon W. of Columbia Station

"Case was handled very professionally."
Erma S. of Grafton

"I feel that you were very courteous and helping. Thank you."
Lisa O., Orange Park, FL

"I want to let David Miraldi and Brad Clark and the firm know that I truly appreciate what you guys have done for me. Thanks again."
Joanna H. of Lorain

"Thank you for handling this case."
AJ J. of Lorain

"David is so professional and on time with everything. He kept me informed as to what was being done at all times. Also Carrie was always available and would get back in a reasonable amount of time. I was so satisfied with this firm that I have referred two other people to this firm."
Gene T.

"Thank you for taking care of us.  You are very good.  Thank you."
Robert S. of Sheffield Village

"Once again I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me. It was greatly appreciated."
Jose M. of Amherst

"I think the whole office is very courteous and respectful. I am so glad Dave Miraldi was my attorney."
Sheri S. of Avon

"Both Brad and Dave were outstanding. Thank you!"
Patricia B. of Avon

"Your service was great. My lawyer was always nice and polite to me and he always returned my calls even when he had nothing to report. He was a nice person to talk to. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone that needed help. Thank you for all your help."
Loretta R.

"Keep up the good work." 
Kathy F. of Elyria

"I thank you for taking my case and your willingness to achieve my expectations on my portion of the settlement. You handled my case in a very professional manner and I am so happy to have been referred to you."
Mildred L.

"Everyone on the staff was very nice and I would highly recommend everyone there. Thanks again for your excellent service."
David B.

"I feel very satisfied with the wonderful services received."
Toni Z. of Lorain

"Thank you for your service I feel you did your best for me and that's what I feel counts.  Thank you."
Norma and George P. of Lorain

"Thanks so much for your sincere kindness and true professionalism." 
Faith W. of Maineville

"I cannot see where any improvement is needed at this time.  All questions I had were answered in a clear and timely fashion."
Roger F. of Elyria

"I guess the only thing I can say is keep it honest its gotten you this far. Thank you again."
Brian L. of Lorain

"I was very satisfied with the way my case was handled. Everyone was always courteous when I called. I would use your services again if I need to and also recommend you to another client."
Greg A.

"Everyone has been very nice and always kept me informed.  I would recommend your firm to a friend in time of need!" 
Hope S.

"I am thankful for the job you have done." 
Luz R. of Lorain

"You guys are a great help.  Thank you!" 
Ines S. of Lorain

"We would like to express our thanks to your firm in the way that our case was handled. We were always kept informed as to the status as well as advised to the possible multiple outcomes while it was pending. We never felt out of the loop during the process due to the fact that our attorney and case worker always made themselves available to any of our questions and concerns."
JoAnne S.

"We have referred your firm to our contacts.  You provided excellent service."
Laura K. of Berlin Heights

"Thank you for your great service you helped us when no one else would."
Shannon H. of Amherst

"I was so satisfied with this firm that I have referred two other people...David is so professional and on time with everything.  He kept me informed as to what was being done at all times..."
Margaret R. of Oberlin

"Your services were very cordial and friendly and I felt very much at ease with your firm and services to me."
Helen K. of Avon Lake

"There is no way to improve you are already at your peak.  The only thing I can suggest is to stay the way you are." 
William R. of Millersburg

"I appreciate all that David did in getting my claim taken care of in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He is a nice man also."
Beatrice S. of Amherst

"...I just hope I don't have to come back again, getting hurt this bad was no fun.  Thanks again for everything."  Anna B. of Pittsburg, CA

"Thanks for getting everything handled in a timely fashion with a fair settlement."
Lisa and Larry B. of Lorain

"Thank you for your kind and friendly service."
Shawn D. of Lewisville, ID

"...I want to comment on the personalization of your service.  I appreciated everyone's professionalism as well as courtesy."
Raimond R. of Amherst

"We were impressed with your total honesty from the very first meeting."
Olga D. of Lorain

"I appreciate all the communication and immediate response to my phone calls.  It made me feel important.  Considering the circumstances, it was a pleasant experience.  Thank you for everything."
Diana A. of Lorain

"You are doing a great job! Keep up the excellent service to your community!"
Alisa M. of Wellington

"I have no complaints.  I am very happy with your service.  You are the best and I would gladly recommend you.  Thank you for your service." 
Howard B. of Oberlin

"It was a pleasure having your firm handle our cases and would highly recommend you to anyone. Mr. Miraldi and Mr. Clark were both compassionate and friendly and we felt we could trust them completely. We were kept updated on how both of our cases were progressing and never felt we were kept in the dark. Keep up the good work."
John & Regina M. of Lorain

"David and Brad were very helpful during this process.  I have recommended your firm to one of my friends.  Thank you."
Carl D. of Amherst

"I was very pleased with my experience with your firm.  The professionalism and courtesy will lead me to recommend your firm and, if needed, return for any further matters."
Jeff A. 

"Thank you for your understanding and compassion. These qualities are a tribute to your business."
Beatrice V. of Huron

"We want to thank you for handling our claim.  Your honesty and sincerity helped us through this difficult experience when no one else cared to check.  We have the feeling you really care as you treated us as more than just clients."
Fred M. of Elyria

"I was treated with respect at all times.  If my case is an example of your service, no improvement is needed." 
Maryann M. of Avon Lake

"I have never been through a situation like this, but your firm let me go through this one with ease.  Thank you to my attorney and case manager."
Dawn H. of Oberlin

"You did a great job for me."
Jean W. of Vermilion

"The sincerity and patience of your staff when I had questions and concerns was of great importance to me.  I thank you and your firm for the professional expertise that brought about a fair settlement on my behalf."
Timothy C. of Madison, IL

"Perfect! Thank you again for your help."
Jodi L. of Lakewood

"Never have gone through something like this (lawsuit). I was pleased with the advice, service and continued contact with my family through the process.  Thank you again for your services."
Carolyn K. of Elyria

"Thank you for all of your concern and compassion.  We are very pleased with the outcome and happy that it is now behind us." 
Palma S. of Lorain

"I found your office staff to be extremely pleasant and helpful each time I spoke with anyone. I don't see any room for improvement.  I thank you all for your kindness and help."
Patricia B. of Lorain

"I feel your company respects the wants and needs of its clients and does its very best to see that their rights are met so don't change a thing.  Thank you for always making me feel I had a shoulder to lean on that cared. Your company was there through good and rough times. Thank you!"
Melinda F. of Lorain

"You were a blessing to us - thanks for your compassionate help!"
Katie K. of Lorain

"It was gratifying to have an attorney that stuck it out with me even during the hard times and did not take the easy way out!" 

"James and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us in regards to our insurance claim.  We were amazed at how much you got back for the medical claims.  You have worked so long and hard on our case and we are grateful!!!" 
Kate and James C. of Ashland

"The words thank you just doesn't seem to be enough as for the heartfelt gratitude we have as to what you have been able to do for us in our accident case. Never having gone through any of this before you really do have our ut most respect. You were very highly recommended to us, we can honestly say that we definitely do not have any regrets in the outstanding job that you have done for us and that reflects in the end results. Your hard work and dedication to our case is very deeply appreciated more than words could ever be expressed or said. Again thank you for everything."
Beverly L. of West Salem, Ohio

"It was a pleasure having your firm handle our cases and would highly recommend you to anyone. Mr. Miraldi and Mr. Clark were both compassionate and friendly and we felt we could trust them completely. We were kept updated on how both of our cases were progressing and never felt we were kept in the dark. Keep up the good work."
John & Regina M. of Lorain, Ohio