The message is loud and clear: "Frivolous" lawsuits are ruining America's legal system. And the infamous McDonald's coffee case is the prime example of what is wrong with America's civil justice system.

If you think you know what the McDonald's coffee case is all about, be prepared to be surprised. Until now, the media has only fed us a small part of the story. A new documentary has hit HBO this summer called Hot Coffee. This thought-provoking film tells us what this case was really about and then shows how corportate America has used this case to disarm  America's legal system. Using this case as a springboard, corporate America has been able to get new laws passed that restrict the rights of everyday citizens to get adequate compensation for the wrongdoing of others. These laws are called Tort Reform.

If you would like to see how corporate America and the insurance industry has magically pulled off this disappearing act, click here to watch the trailer for the film Hot Coffee.

Then when you get the chance, please watch the full one hour version. It may change the way you think about what has happened to our legal system

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