Wouldn’t it be great if our Ohio legislators were interested in protecting the rights of everyday people instead of finding ways to cripple their rights?  Once again legislation is finding its way through the Ohio legislature designed to hurt the little guy and benefit the business world.  This new legislation would take the teeth out of Ohio’s Consumer Protection Laws.

House Bill 275 has passed the House and is being considered by the Senate.  This bill adds a controversial “right to cure” provision that would make it easier for companies that cheat consumers to escape from any serious legal consequences for their misconduct.

The law would  allow a company that has cheated a consumer to avoid significant damages.  Under the current law, if a company is guilty of consumer fraud, it has to pay triple damages.  This penalty encourages companies to deal fairly with consumers.

The new law would eliminate this provision.  Instead, a company can return the money that it wrongfully took and pay a nominal fee for the consumer’s attorney fees and court costs.

A national Consumer Law Center analysis says that these proposed changes would make Ohio’s consumer laws one of the least effective in the country.  Ohio’s current law is a currently a model for the country.  

If you are concerned about losing more of your rights as consumers, please contact your Ohio Senator and express your displeasure.  Instead of representing the interests of the people of Ohio, the legislature is catering to a special interest group.  In this case, that group is thestate’s auto dealers.

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