Several former NFL players have filed a class action lawsuit claiming that the National Football League withheld important information about the dangers of concussions, instructed playings to hit with their heads, and failed to properly treat them for concussions.  A class action is a lawsuit brought be several people on behalf of everyone in a particular class or category.  In this case, the class is the individuals who have played in the NFL and have suffered head injuries.

Jim McMahon, a former Bears quarterback, and Joe Thomas, a Cleveland Browns lineman, are two of the seven people who began the lawsuit.  They do this on behalf of all of the players who have sustained head injuries while playing in the NFL.

Corporations dislike class actions.  One individual may not have the resources to contest the wrongdoing of a big business, but when that person's claim is joined by all others in the class, the corporation's questionable wrongdoing can be stopped.

The NFL vigorously denies the allegations.  This will be an interesting case to follow.
Class action suits are good because the many victims are able to pool their resources together and hire a good lawyer to fight their case, which they normally might not if they were suing as individuals. The NFL might be in a lot of trouble this time!
by Simon July 16, 2012 at 10:59 PM
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