HBO has produced an 88 minute documentary called Hot Coffee.  This film tells what really happened in the infamous McDonald's coffee case.  The documentary suggests that this claim was not frivolous and explains why.  Besides discussing the McDonald coffee case, the documentary looks at other misunderstood verdicts. 

The documentary suggests that juries are not out of control.  When a big verdict results, it is usually because there was something quite wrong about the defendant's actions and the plaintiff's case had substantial merit.  If we trust juries to decide death penalty cases, why can't we trust them to make accurate decisions in civil cases?  The fact is that we can and we should.

Most people are shocked that the "reforms" that have been passed at the insistence of the insurance lobby and big business apply to meritorious cases and not just to frivolous cases.  As the documentary points out, most people think that they will never be injured or affected by these restrictions that apply to all personal injury cases.
I have subscribed to HBO services through charter spectrum one of the best Cable Providers in my town when this documentary was released, so I have watched it, it is a good make!
by Alex Kevin June 28, 2018 at 10:01 AM
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