Mail Carriers Face Constant Threat From Dogs

Mail carriers face constant risks from dogs as they deliver mail on their routes. Last year 2,613 postal employees were bitten or attacked. Attacks increase during warmer months when owners allow their dogs to roam.

In Lorain nine postal carriers were bitten by dogs in the last year. Mail carriers are trained to use their mail bags to buffer them from dogs. They are also issued pepper spray, but often the spray is used too late to ward off the attack.

From the dog’s perspective, the dog is just protecting its turf. It seems that some dogs never feel comfortable with a mail carrier who returns each day to their home.

The best way that dog owners can prevent attacks is to keep their dogs inside the house behind securely latched doors during the hours that the mail is normally delivered. The National Association of Letter Carriers Joint Safety Task Force is urging that cities pass legislation that would make it illegal for owners to leash their dogs on front porches or in their front yards. In the meantime, dog owners should do this voluntarily.

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