Can juries award as much money as they think appropriate in serious automobile or truck crashes?

No.  Under a law passed as part of Ohio Tort Reform, the Ohio legislature stripped the jury of the right to award as much money as it demmed appropriate for non-economic losses.  The legislature left intact the jury's ability to award as much money for economic losses (medical bills and lost wages) as the evidence demonstrated.  However, for non-economic losses such as pain, discomfort, inability to do various activities, worry, anxiety, permanent scarring, and other intangible losses, the legislature will only enforce the jury's award up to certain limits.  This amount can vary from between $250,000 to $350,000, depending on the amount of economic damages proved.  There is no limit on non-economic damages for permanent and physical deformity, loss of use of a limb, loss of a bodily organ system, or for injuries that take away the person's ability to care for himself.

There is no limitation on damages recoverable for wrongful death claims.