I hit my head during the collision, but did not lose consciousness. I've had headaches and find it difficult to concentrate. This has gone on for several months. My family doctor tells me not to worry about this. Could this be the result of the car crash?

Mild brain injuries often go undiagnosed after an automobile collision. It is well-recognized that even in cases where the head does not strike the interior of the car, the brain can be damaged. Symptoms of mild brain injury may include headaches, confusion, dizziness, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration. Neurologists and neuro-psychologists are the medical providers most likely to assess individuals with these symptoms.

A neurologist deals with injuries to the brain and nervous system. Neurologists can use special scans to attempt to detect subtle injuries that before went unnoticed. A neuro-psychologist is able to determine if a person’s brain is processing information in a normal way. A neuro-psychologist can run a number of objective written tests to determine whether a person is able to process information normally.

If brain function seems to have deteriorated after a serious auto collision, the injured person should seek proper medical attention to assess the problem. At Miraldi & Barrett, we have represented a number of clients who have sustained mild to moderate brain injuries in automobile collisions. Don't delay getting specialized medical attention for these symptoms.