What is the time limit for filing a medical malpractice claim?

This can be complicated and you should check with an attorney familiar with medical malpractice law to determine the statute of limitations in your case. There may be exceptions to all that is stated in this answer. Generally,in Ohio, the time limit for adults (over eighteen) to file a lawsuit in court is ONE YEAR from the date that a reasonable person should have known that they have suffered an injury due to care provided by a medical professional or ONE YEAR from the last physician -patient relationship for that condition, whichever is longer. This time limit may be extended by 180 days by sending a properly worded letter before the one year time limit notifying the medical providers involved that you are considering bringing an action against them  as a result of medical care they provided to you. The time limit for injury to minors is generally one year from the time the minor reaches age eighteen. The time limit for a wrongful death claim is TWO years from the date of death.