What should I do if I was injured in the car crash, butdon't have health insurance to pay for any treatment?

Even though you do not have health insurance, you may have medical payments coverage under your own automobile insurance policy.  Most of the time, your agent will include this coverage with your liability coverage.  If so, you can submit your medical bills to your own auto insurer until you have exhausted your medical payments limit.  Your own insurance company will later seek reimbursement of these amounts directly from the wrongdoer or the wrongdoer's insurance company.

If you do not have health insurance or medical payments coverage, then you will need to seek a medical provider who is willing to wait to be paid out of the settlement or the jury verdict.  Not all doctors will agree to do this.  However, some will.  These doctors will often have you sign a paper that authorizes them to be paid directly from the settlement.  This is called a "letter of protection".