Video Settlement Brochures


Obtaining a fair settlement with an insurance company has always been a challenge. However, over the last five years, insurance companies have changed their practices and, as a result, settling claims has become even more difficult. Insurance companies have taken away much of the discretion that their claims adjusters used to have in resolving cases. In its place, many insurance companies use computer programs to determine a case’s value and have the insurance adjustor only input information required by the computer program. This approach leads to a "one size fits all" evaluation of the claim.

This computerized analysis is not fair because each injury affects individual people differently. One way to combat this approach is to force the insurance company to see the "human" side of the case by sending a short video featuring the client, the client’s spouse, and perhaps the treating doctor. In this short ten minute video, the client and others talk about the hardships and complications caused by the injuries. This technique works best when the client is able to describe problems that the insurance company would not normally foresee from the injuries.

The law firm of Miraldi and Barrett uses video brochures in cases where the damages are significant and the injuries may be outside the common experience of the insurance adjustor. These videos are professionally edited. Besides showing the clients talking about the incident and their injuries, the video will show charts and photographs that explain the speaker’s testimony. All in all, the video brochure allows clients to effectively tell the insurance company just how thetheir lives were altered by the wrongdoer’s negligent actions.