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  • Tavern Owners' Liability Expanded The Ohio Dram Shop laws amended to hold liquor sellers responsible for damages caused by beer drinking patrons who injure other persons.
  • Ohio Car Crashes Caused by Drunk Drivers and Social Host Liability For Serving Alcohol to Guests in Ohio When a social host provides alcohol to an underage guest at a party in Ohio and that underage guest becomes intoxicated and causes a car crash, the social host can be held responsible for the injuries and damages caused by the guest.
  • Ohio Victim of Drunk Driver Can Recover Against Bar That Served The Drunk Driver An Ohio drunk driver may not be the only person responsible for the injuries and damages caused by a drunk driver. The Ohio business that serves a noticeably intoxicated person or a minor may also be held accountable if circumstances show it was obvious that the patron was intoxicated or under-aged. When an intoxicated driver causes serious injury or death, an attorney fo Ohio drunk driving victims can be instrumental in getting justice for the victim and the victim's family.
  • Victims of Drunk Drivers May Have Additional Remedies Whether your personal injury claim arose in Lorain County or elsewhere in the Cleveland area, the law firm of Miraldi & Barrett can provide additional remedies to persons injured because of a drunk or intoxicated driver. A good trial attorney is needed in this situation - one who will pursue punitive damages and present a solid case at trial. If it can be demonstrated that the other driver acted with malice in getting behind a wheel drunk, that drunk driver can be punished by having to pay damages not covered by his or her own insurance policy.