Miraldi & Barrett contributes to Voices for Children, a local organization that appoints volunteer guardians to represent children in juvenile court

Posted on Feb 16, 2012
The Miraldi & Barrett Fund, a part of the Community Foundation of Greater Lorain County, has provided a grant to help fund a program for Voices for Children.  Voices for Children is part of the Court Appointed Special Advocates network that finds and trains volunteers to represent children in juvenile court.  This program was created because public children protective services organizations do not always have the time and resources to obtain the most complete information on children in the legal system.  Voices for Children recruits community volunteers who serve as guardian ad litems to represent children in juvenile court.  The volunteers work with the children, public and non-profit agencies, legal counsel, and community resources to gain as much information about the child's situation.  This information is then shared with the courts so that the judge can make the most appropriate decision possible for that particular child. 

The Miraldi & Barrett Fund is joining with other community foundation funds to provide a grant that will help the local chapter recruit and train volunteers.

"This is a very worthwhile organization.  We at Miraldi & Barrett are glad to help in a small way to assist this non-profit agency.  Through this organization, many good people volunteer to make the legal system more responsive to children," said Benjamin F. Barrett, Sr. of the law firm of Miraldi & Barrett.